Digital Marketing for Mortgage Originators

Welcome to Eastwood Realty Systems, your digital mortgage marketing strategy partner.

Do you have a digital mortgage marketing strategy?

Whether you are a bank, mortgage banker, mortgage broker or Realtor-owned mortgage company, putting up a web site is just the a small part of today’s on-line marketing.  The digital world has rapidly expanded over the past few years to include social media, mobile marketing and on-line business networks.

If your company does not have a digital marketing strategy, you will lose clients to the companies that have their digital act together.

For example, if a home buyer is with their Realtor and searches for you on-line with their mobile phone, will they see a mobile-optimized version of your web site or a clunky, unreadable version of your regular sized web page?

Eastwood Realty Systems helps mortgage origination companies generate better sales results with on-line tools and strategies to build loan volume and increase the efficiency of your loan officers.

Contact us for a free digital marketing strategy analysis of your current on-line marketing.

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